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Our Vision

A society in which fewer people die by suicide.

Our Mission

To provide confidential emotional support for people who are experiencing feelings of distress or despair and through focused programs create awareness aimed at suicide prevention.

Our Values

Suicide is, most times, preventable. The opportunity to talk about and explore difficult feelings is often therapeutic. Being listened to, in confidence and accepted without prejudice can alleviate despair and suicidal feelings and help one to explore other available options.


  • A member of Befrienders Worldwide, a network of charitable organizations across the globe sharing a similar focus of providing emotional support as a way of reducing deaths by suicide.
  • A member of the International Association for Suicide Prevention. ​(IASP)

Community Awareness on Suicide Prevention​

Creating awareness on Suicide and Suicide prevention through forums, outreach activities and marking of the World Suicide Prevention day annually to raise awareness on suicide and suicide prevention and this has contributed to the publicity of the day in Kenya. ​​

Reduction of Stigma Associated with Suicide

​ Kenya has a number of people dying by suicide due to depression and distress. Suicide is a taboo topic in Kenya and other African countries, that is the reason why Befrienders Kenya is working on sensitizing the public on the issue as a way of breaking the silence.


Depressed, Discouraged, Hopeless, Lonely, Fearful, Stressed or Suicidal.


Sharing your problems will ease your burden; help you see things more clearly. You will better, stronger and more able to handle the situation. at Befrienders Kenya, we help by listening: No matter what the problem is, however hopeless things may seem, together we can find a way through the pain that you are feeling.

Do not go through the pain alone. Sometimes, when you feel all alone and no one seems to understand or care, call us.

We care and are here for you.


We are here to listen. Everything you say is strictly confidential. You do not have to tell us who you are.


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